Streamline processes, improve output and connect people

Elke organisatie kan op een punt komen waar de performance achterblijft. Hoe trekt u als bestuurder of management zo’n situatie vlot? Hoe houdt u uw mensen betrokken, terwijl u ingrijpt in de manier van werken en uw organisatie klaarmaakt voor de toekomst? Praat eens met Beste Mensen.

With our Excellerate program, led by an experienced Wingman, you introduce a Center of Excellence in your organization.

All essential business processes come together in a Center of Excellence: IT, Finance, Operations, HR, Communication, Marketing & Sales. This improves output, connects people and guarantees ‘continuous improvement’: a culture that ensures that improvement actions are devised and implemented continuously. So that the performance continues to improve and ‘operational excellence’ is achieved.

The Excellerate program is methodological and is characterized by a relatively short lead time.

Case study

Hoe Beste Mensen in 9 maanden een Centre of Excellence realiseerde bij een internationale uitgeverij


  1. First of all, we critically review people's processes, systems and roles. What is the efficiency? What results are achieved? Is optimization possible?
  2. We then look at which interventions may suit the organization. How is the "cultural fit"? Coordination, mutual trust and a lot of support are of great importance.
  3. We then make a gap analysis: what does it take to transform the current approach into a revised working method? One that is embraced and that actually brings about a substantial performance improvement? We strategically coordinate quick wins and long-term goals.

We safeguard 'continuous improvement' in your organization


We bring about the transformation in consultation with you. At the same time, we work on the agility of your departments, people, processes and systems. So that rapid adaptations are always possible in the future, when internal or external circumstances change.


Curious about the Centre of Excellence profits and how the Excellerate program will impact your company?

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