Mike Philips

Mike graduated as a (technical) business administrator. He has a hands-on mentality and uses his analytical ability and expertise to help companies accelerate their business.

He gained business experience and expertise at various profit and non-profit organizations, from start-ups to corporations in both The Netherlands and abroad. A passionate entrepreneur who gets excited about complex issues involving structure, operation, commerce, and strategy.

My ambition

Helping and supporting companies with their organizational growth in the broadest sense.

Mike’s expertise: project management, business development, strategy, operations, and special projects.

Contact him directly at 06-41 366 391 or email Mike.

David Ruiz

David zet zijn ruime ervaring in op gebied van business development in om groei te realiseren bij de relaties van Beste Mensen.

Additionally, David is employable as a Wingmanfor projects in sales and commerce. He enables clients to reach their commercial ambitions.

My ambition

Use my function to provide companies with high-quality contacts. Search, find and tie together relations for Beste Mensen and clients.

Contact him directly at 06-53 901 663 or email David.